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Bearing Failure and OverHeat

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    Dear all,

    I'd like to ask what are the causes for a roller bearing in a vertical pump to overheat and burn as we have got this incident in our plant and am trying to find out what can cause such a thing.
    Pump details:
    1. Sulzer Waste Water Pump (Model No.: VCM 4X10A
    2. Pump has been overhauled and kept as stand by in Maintenance Work Shop.
    3. Bearing lubrication is from the housing it self (No lubrication system)
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    What kind of pump is it?

    General causes for bearing failure can be attributed to misalignment, operating the pump at a distance from its BEP, poor lubrication, pipe loads, etc...

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    Is it a sealed bearing or one that requires greasing?
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