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Bearing failure

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    I have a problem of bearing failure. A motor drives a shaft thro a flat belt. This shaft is connected to a load of around 40 kw. The shaft has 1309 self aligning ball bearing as floating bearing at the back end of shaft. On the load side there is a bearing 2209 NUP. The bearing inners are locked by circlips and outer is locked with housing. But within 2 to 3 months of continous running, either the shaft shifts away from the load after abrading the circlip or the bearing 2209NUP fails. Will somebody be able to throw some light on what is wrong around here.
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    My recommendation would be to take or send the bearing and gearbox (or pictures) to a SKF dealer. The have people that do bearing failure analysis on bearings many times a day, and there is likely very little they have not seen.

    It could be as simple as your belt being too tight, too much overhang or to the wrong bearing being used, all the way to improper design of gearbox.

    SKF sells a failure analysis book for $5 plus other info here:
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    Do you have any kind of vibration monitoring on this set up? It sounds to me like your alignment at the load end may be off putting much more load on the bearing than should be. There is also the issue of imbalance that could be playing a part as well. I can keep guessing, but its a lost cause.

    It is impossible to tell you exactly without being able to see the entire set up and what the bearing looks like after failure. Is there any discoloration on the bearing?
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    can u attach the sectional view of the bearing arrangement, so that i can analyse the bearing arrangement..
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