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Bearing Loads in a Belt Drive System

  1. Sep 2, 2009 #1
    I have a question regarding the bearing loads on a set of rotating shaft systems.
    The two systems are belt driven, each with one driver and one driven pulley.
    Belt tension is higher in system one than in system two.
    Rotational speed is higher in system two than in system one.
    The pulley ratio in system one is 1:5, system 2 is 1:4

    My question:
    The calculation software tells me that the (rotating) dynamic forces on the shafts are almost equal. Static forces are quite different, with system one being higher.

    1. Could someone please explain (in general terms) how these forces cause the shaft loads to be less when rotating vs static?
    2. How does the pulley sizes (and therefore, the RPM) affect the bearing load?
    3. I would expect system one to have a higher load than system 2, due to the belt tension. Why are they nearly equal?

    I am really just looking for a basic understanding - Thank you for your replies
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