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Bearing preload

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    For my Project, two angular contact bearings are selected to support a spindle. However, I would like to preload both the bearings considering thermla expansion.. I would like to know the max. permissible preloading limits for the bearings. Could someone suggest me some good material or links to know the max. permissible bearing preload?

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    Hi bhaazee,
    I'd suggest going to the SKF web site and using their library. It should have what you're looking for.
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    Guys! Thnx for ur reply. I have already been through NSK, INA/FAG and SKF websites. The main problem is that, although they tend to explain the facts, the numerical and graphical datas (particularly preload vs axial displacement, preload vs rotational speed) for individual bearings are missing. Have mailed all three Manufacturers and hoping for a reply.

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    From the SKF site:

    The minimum preload:

    And the bearing selector:
    http://www.skf.com/skf/productcatalogue/jsp/viewers/productTableViewer.jsp?&lang=en&newlink=1&tableName=1_14_1&presentationType=3&startnum=1 [Broken]

    Minumum preload is recommended so the bearing does not fail early.

    You select your own maximum preload, but making sure the load in action does not go over the dynamic or static bearing load. You will have to do some calculations thermal and other movements of your spindle to be within the limits.

    Bahazee. Why is it that I could find the information and you could not??
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