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Beautiful math/physics blackboards

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    Interesting how chalk, blackboards and equations can look so neat! Post your's if you have some favorites!





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    Here are a few more that I like



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    More here





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    How in the world did that guy manage to fill the board in that last pic??
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    It's from a movie called "A Serious Man"
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    LOL mixing in the anatomy blackboard, Greg. :smile:
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    The third post contains a blackboard which is also in the second post
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    Here is a few with Einstein!



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    We can't forget this one
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    I love that pic of Wiles.
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    OK ... sorry I couldn't resist.....



    Characters Penny and Sheldon in front of Saltzberg's first white board about quark decay

    both credits to: courtesy of Warner Bros


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    George Jones

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    For some reason, I kind of like

    Note, this was first posted years ago, so the "eleven years ago" is no longer true :cry:.
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    alejandro-guijarro-momentum.jpg Blackboards with mathematics or physics formulae can be considered many times as art pieces.
    You can often find blackboards which are amazing and inspiring from an artistic point of view if you look both at the conceptual content the teacher put in them and at the graphical execution.
    A unique feature of a blackboard drawing is its immediacy, meaning that it’s usually created as the thought process and its explanation unfold.

    I like so much these blackboards (or whiteboards or flipcharts) with scientific content.

    If you too like this kind of drawings take pics and share images or videos of blackboards, wherever you can find them.
    Most importantly, add a comment on why you like this particular blackboard drawing and which emotions it provokes in you.
    Please put in the comment also a short description of the content, the situation in which it was created (e.g. lesson or meeting or whatever), its author, place and date.

    I post a blackboard (courtesy by Alejandro Guijarro) taken at a Quantum Physics Department. You see a substrate of physics formulae and over many layers of different content. The result is amazing for me.

    Share and comment your blackboards !
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    A tribute to the iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani. She was considered a real genius and one of the best contemporary mathematicians.
    I extracted some images from videos of lectures she held at various Universities and events in the States in the last years.
    Look at the beauty of these blackboards.
    I like to share your comments on them.

    POST13.png POST14.png POST15.png
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