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BEAUTIFUL picture of Saturn

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    That's Mimas isn't it? One of my favorite moons in the solar system. Is Cassini supposed to get a close up of it like Viking did?
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    Yes, that's Mimas.

    Here is Cassini's schedule:


    I'm afraid but we won't see too much of Mimas. Only one distant flyby, at 2 August 2005. More than 25 000 km.
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    Great pic! It is now my desktop. Thanks for sharing.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums, s3nn0c, and thanks for the photo link.

    The home page of that JPL site (2nd link) frequently posts excellent photos from the Cassini mission.

    Looking forward to the Huygens exploration of Titan in January!!!
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    Hi Phobos (btw that post wasn't my first one here).

    JPL site is great but I prefer ciclops.org for images - they have more photos and release them faster.

    BTW - Huygens should take ca. 1100 images. I hope that a few of them won't be orange...
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    I hope a few of them will be wet from a splashdown in a hydrocarbon sea.
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    Personally I don't believe in oceans on Titan. Maybe small lakes, somewhere, sometimes.

    10:1 for dry surface near Huygens.
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    How does ooze and slush figure in the wet:dry continuum?

    10:1 for a oozy/slushy surface near where Huygens lands.
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    Looks like a great opportunity to check our physical intuition ;-)))
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    I'm a pessimist. I vote likewise. :frown:
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