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Beauty Marks

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    You know those little brown spots, some slightly raised that are referred to in the English language as "beauty marks"? I though those were permanent.

    I've had one on my right little finger for my ENTIRE life. I just looked down and noticed that although the little dot is still slightly raised, it suddenly is transparent! Just normal skin tone! I can't see it. It was there the other day. My finger has not been scratched, no skin abrasion or irritation. :confused:

    This is really weird. How common is it for something like that to lose pigment suddenly? I've never heard of it happening.

    Another odd occurence was when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. In about the 8th month of my pregnancy, a beauty "freckle" (not raised) appeared on the lower right portion of my palm. Again I had never heard of getting a freckle on your palm. What was really bizarre was that when my daughter was born, she had a freckle on her palm in exactly the same spot. We still both do.

    What causes this to happen?
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    Actually it is documented that moles may enlarge or new ones appear during pregnancy and that moles can sometimes disappear with age. I'm not sure exactly what happens, but for the mole to retain its color it needs to produce new pigment continuously. If it stops making pigment, the mole disappears. Compare it with the freckles on a red-headed person that appear in summer and disappear in winter.
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    What I discovered with age is that 'things' appear more than they dissapear...
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