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Becoming a Better reader.

  1. Apr 28, 2012 #1
    Hello ,

    I am in love with the love with the idea with physics , mostly on earth but I have always not been the most avid reader. Actually, my level of comprehension has always been not a level that is complete enough to be the student that I am able to be.

    I really like learning the technical language , that being talking in person, but I can never really connect the two. There are never really conversations that are strike up in my 4 hour class - even when the teacher probes the class.

    I want to become a better technical reader but I am not ask to write technical things in my physics class , just do calculations.

    Is there a book or some method that would encourage me to become a better reader in terms of physics ?

    I ask to do a summer research project and he's game but this seems like a short term solution , that is within a confined context.

    Maybe I am just not focused enough , but one way or another I want to understand the ideas that I am reading. I would like to have a couple of way to boost up my comprehension while I read but am willing and aware that it may not be completely that simple.
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