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Becoming a doctor or surgeon

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    Can someone tell me how to become a doctor or surgeon in canada. first u have to get into university and then u take courses then u apply for medical school.
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    You might want to inquire at the Student Doctor Network forums:
    http://forums.studentdoctor.net/" [Broken]
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    Are they related to pf in any way?
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    I'll tell you what I remember from when I inquired as to how to become a surgeon about a year ago. Firstly as far as I know, in Canada, there is absolutely no chance of you getting straight into med school from High School. After one year of being in a faculty (Preferably science with an emphasis on biology/chem/other common premed courses), you can apply to the faculty of Medicine but have a very very low chance of being accepted. I think the average GPA for med school admissions after 1 year of undergrad was like 3.9 or something at the UofA. I think the most common period of time to spend in undergrad courses is 3-4 years. At that point if your GPA is high and you have good medical volunteer work behind you, you should be able to get in.

    A few notes. You will want to start volunteering at a hospital ASAP, preferably start while you are in High School. It is kind of a secret necessity that med school applicants NEED to volunteer at a hospital of some sort, it shows that you know what you are going to be going through. A hospital can be a hectic place and the best way to learn how a hospital works is to volunteer. When you apply to med school, if your grades are high enough, and you have a good volunteering history(edit: and of course, a very good application letter. Some people pay English PhD's to proofread them, no joke.), you will go to an interview. I think it is 2 doctors and one layman that interview you. Prepare to be asked very controversial questions such as your stance on abortion or what you think of aborting babies with mental deficiencies etc.. I suggest you start reading medical related stuff in the newspaper now, since you are expected to know a lot of what is going on in the medical field. You should know the big names in the medical community as well.

    Try reading this for some more information (probably more accurate as my memory is not perfect and I don't have time to re-read all the info, but this site should help you in that regard.)


    Good luck!!
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    First you have to do 4 years in an undergraduate program, preferably one of the pre-professional tracks (i.e. pre-med). This will entail taking a number of required courses.

    At some point in your 4th year, provided you're still interested in going to med school, you'll start studying for the MCAT and applying to several medical schools you're interested in. All the health-care related volunteering and summer research you have gotten involved in during the previous 3 years will look very good on your application now. If you're subsisting on student loans, you will also hopefully have remembered to ask for a little more for your 4th year to help pay for interview travel expenses .

    If your MCAT scores and GPA are decent and you interviewed well, you'll probably find yourself attending medical school somewhere in the fall.
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    Not that I'm aware of.
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