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Becoming a Hollywood actor

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    You know, though i am currently doing a physics phd at IMEC (look at the website in my profile), i always enjoyed playing on stage when i was in high school. Since being in college at never performed anymore but my dream has always been to become a Hollywood actor. In order to achieve this, should i just move to LA and "make things happen" ? That is what i always had in mind...

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    Every month hundreds of young{and a few older} people get off the bus to find there dreams in California. Very, very few find success this way.
    Your better off sending tapes and photos with bios to different agents.
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    where can i find them agents ?

    What are good sites ?

    Keep in mind i am not even in the US...

    Besides, are you sure there are only a few hundred of them every month. I always had imagined there were a lot more

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    Your gentle physicist's soul will be sorely battered by the backbiting and intrigue in that business, marlon..:wink:
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    You find more info by contacting the Screen Actors Guild{SAG}. I don't know much about agents, other then you really need them.
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    yeah, probably...however i am planning to incorporate the physics in my acting-style...I am gonna be a real rational actor...i really hate the exagurated way of acting that is common amoung most semi-talented actors

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    Marlon, why not start out in the EU scene?

    Of thousands of people who want to be 'Hollywood' actors, only 1 in thousands succeeds - similar statistics for professional athletes.

    Focus on physics, and look for opportunities in acting.

    You could also come to LA (UCLA or UCSB) to do physics and pursue an acting career on the side.
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    true but there are not really great actors/movies here in Belgium. I don't want to be a belian actor, i wanna be a Hollywood actor.

    I was more thinking of 1 in a million

    What opportunities are there for me to do physics in LA ?

    ps : thanks for your answers Astronuc....
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    Marlon, you seem like a pretty horny guy. :wink: If you fail in Hollywood, there's always the chance you could succeed in the "alternative" movie industry that's located in Chatsworth (in the San Fernando Valley).

    BTW - a friend and I were doing a student film 2 or 3 years ago, and placed some casting notices in one of the trades (no pay, student film, etc). We got on the order of hundreds of headshots back. (One of the more memorable ones was from a girl who ended up getting a topless bit part in a big Hollywood production a year or two later. We had called her up for an audition back then, but she didn't show up). Anyhow - we had auditions in LA, with maybe 20-30 actors and actresses, and one or two were really good, but the majority were mediocre to horrible. One funny one was this hot, tall blond German girl who didn't really speak English too well, and had to consult a dictionary a fair bit. To be fair though, it was a cold reading, meaning we gave the actors the script when they showed up.

    We ended up not using any of the LA actors anyhow, since we shot up in the Bay Area.

    As for physics in LA - are you kidding me? Caltech, UCLA, UCSB, USC, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, etc.
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    Thanks man, you give me hope

    ok, but how do i get in ? I mean, i don't really feel like restarting my phd you see ? Besides, i doubt if going back to college is a usefull thing in my case

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    If you already have a physics college master degree and several years of experience in math and physics tutoring for college students, do you stand a chance of getting in the US permanently ? What about the money to get in ?

    I think i should consult the US ambassy here in Brussels right ?

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    Hello, if any directors in the futuer invite you for a movie ronaantic like "Shapear in love", plz phone us for a ice-cream and beer party! Okay ?
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    You enjoyed playing on stage but you want to become a Hollywood actor? What is it that you really want? If you like acting on stage then there are countless amateur theatre groups all over the country (and the world) where you can play the thespian all you like. If you want to act on film, there is nothing stopping you from gathering like-minded people together to create amateur films. You might also consider enrolling in drama school or film school to get a more structured and disciplined education.

    But if you want to become rich and famous, i.e. a Hollywood actor, then probably the best way is to sleep with those who hold the power in that sleazy business.
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    That does not work over time; you need to discredit potential rivals in various ways.

    Rule nr. 1: Do not let your potential rivals dominate cocktail parties and other social gatherings, i.e., you need to make yourself known on other arenas like these and not only on the actual stage. Otherwise, you'll be squeezed out of the game.
    So if you find the prospect of showing up on an endless series of dreary parties intolerable, you won't succeed, no matter what your acting skills are.
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    Ohh nooo; not at all...i did this for 4 consecutive years when i was is college :wink: :rofl:


    i don't like gay parties though :yuck:
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    Well, that sort of rules out your career in movies like "Rigid rods"
    and "The Gay Quarks: Tops&bottoms", doesn't it?
    Last edited: May 29, 2005
  19. May 29, 2005 #18
    OK correct. Though i would really like to star in ANTI-gay movies for once...You know, just to be old fashion and conservative

  20. May 29, 2005 #19
    What does that pretty brunette with curly hair say about this?
  21. May 29, 2005 #20
    she is all for it...we depart once she finished college...i am gonna buy her a house in Santa Cruz.

  22. May 29, 2005 #21
    In that case, I lost my objection. :approve: I don't know a first thing about professional acting, so I can not but wish you luck.


    Ps. Remember to incorporate your acting in your teaching as well (as I'm sure you've done).
  23. May 29, 2005 #22
    exactly, that is why i say that going to college and study physics is the best preparation for a career in acting

  24. May 29, 2005 #23
    After studying acting...? :wink: Altough I guess you get more self-confidence from physics studies than acting studies, concidering the backup plan you have in that case...
  25. May 29, 2005 #24
    i don't believe that you can actually study to become an actor

  26. May 29, 2005 #25
    It's funny you should ask that quetion. When I was thinking I really might want to be a physicist I instantly posted at Actingforums.com asking people's advice on how to break into physics.
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