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Becoming a patron at a college library?

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    Do you have to be a student at MIT or Stanford , in order to check out books from therir liibrary or can you become a patron without being a student?
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    That if people can give you a job, they sure can get it away from you. If someone can go into one of those good schools, he can also be kicked out of it. Just time lets you know it
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    Here's MIT's user policies:
    http://libraries.mit.edu/groups/visitors/users.html [Broken]

    Again.. google is amazingly quick.
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    $500 a year!?!?! Its not like there is a waiting list for people to become patrons at MIT library, why so expensive? Is that the price range to become a patron at most elite college Libraries like MIT? At my school, it only cost $50 a year to be a patron, and you are still allowed interlibrary loan privileges.
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    What's dumb is that the page also says that if you have a Boston Public Library card, you can check out books from MIT. But I'd assume that the costs of getting a public library card are quite low, and that practically anyone who lives in the area can get one.
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    Screw checking out books, I would be more interested in journal access. I don't know what I'm going to do after I graduate.
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