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Becoming a physist

  1. Sep 26, 2014 #1
    I am a high school student from India (in my last year)?Though my academic performance is great and i am confident of scoring 90% above in 12th.I am also doing a research with India's top research institution CSIR on Foot malodour and heading another research on mosquito resistance to repellents.My innovation was selected in top 10 from india in social innovation relay competetion.I have a deep interest in physics (spacetime,dimensions) and want to become a researcher.So, can you tell me about some very good universities (not the ivies because my percentage in class 11th was only 65% though i will still give it a try) where i can pursue a major in physics and get some financial aid (not necessarily if the university is good.
    The fact is that my parents have nearly enough money to send me to any of the best universities like mit,harvard but if i do not get in a famous university (though it may be very good) then even i cannot force them to give me that much money.So please suggest some very good universities in us where i can study and pusue my dreams of becoming a physicst/researcher.
    Thank You
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    MIT and Harvard are almost completely free. If they accept you, they make you pay only what you can pay, and they pay the rest themselves.

    If you are good enough, according to the website, it does not matter how much money you have.
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    That is a very very big "if", of course. ;)
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    Of course it is, but I want to tell the OP that he has the opportunity to get accepted to the best universities in the world, and that if he does not manage to do that, it is because of his ability.

    @anubodh : Now that you know that, you have no excuses :) Make sure that you do your best! Good luck in your application.
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