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Becoming a supersenior to get into grad school. Advices please.

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    Hi, fellow inquisitors of cosmos.

    I'm an undergrad senior in physics.

    I have declared my major after my sophomore year, so I had to force myself to complete the undergrad study in 2 years. I took all the important courses(EM I, II, Thermal physics, QM1, etc.) in 1.5 year. As a result, I could not study thoroughly and my grades were unsatisfactory. I couldn't cover all materials till the midterms, and I was too stressed out(midterm grades, etc.) rest of the semester. (bad marks: W in ODE, C+ in linear algebra, B in both EM I and II, and B- in thermal physics)

    Especially during the last semester where I was supposed to take GREs to apply graduate schools, I ended up not taking GREs. Because of the failures I had for past 1.5 years, I am still frustrated and not confident enough. However, I would still be happiest if I can keep physics alongside with my life. I decided to spend an extra year as an undergrad preparing for grad school(more courses, more research, and GREs)

    I have heard that the openings for professor positions are very small. Do you think I still have chance to get into good grad school and so on? My parents have concerns regarding my job opportunity(I am an international student)

    What would you recommend for me to do for the rest of my undergrad life? I have 1.5 year till graduation, and roughly 0.9? year till grad school application.

    One of the things I am considering is to write honors thesis, but I can also attempt to get published in journals too. Should I complete the honor thesis before I apply for grad school to have better chance of admission? what should I focus on?

    Thank you!
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