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Bee Knowledgeable

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    SEATTLE—The epiphany that mushrooms could help save the world’s ailing bee colonies struck Paul Stamets while he was in bed.

    “I love waking dreams,” he said. “It’s a time when you’re just coming back into consciousness.”

    Years ago, in 1984, Stamets had noticed a “continuous convoy of bees” traveling from a patch of mushrooms he was growing and his beehives. The bees actually moved wood chips to access his mushroom’s mycelium, the branching fibers of fungus that look like cobwebs.

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    I think several beellilion or more.
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    So is "Roundup" the real cause of hive collapse?
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    Scientific studies have implicated pesticides containing neonicotinoid compounds in harming bees and other pollinator insects: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018...controversial-neonic-pesticides-threaten-bees

    Roundup, whose active ingredient is the herbicide glyphosate, would not be expected to directly affect insects, and I am not aware of any studies showing this.
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    Unlikely, as CCD has been observed in the 19th century. Glyphosate was invented in the 1970's.
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    The article you referenced stated that the compounds impaired the bees' navigation and reproduction. I remember reading somewhere that glyphosate weakened their immune system making them vulnerable to a certain fungus. I'm so sorry, I can't provide the reference for you.
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