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Bee swarm relativity

  1. Aug 26, 2004 #1
    Consider a special swarm of bees of constant size in which each bee always flys at a constant speed. A time keeper bee keeps time by means of a messenger bee that continously circles the swarm. Each time the messenger bee completes a round trip, the swarm's time advances one tick.

    An identical stationary swarm, A, sends this swarm, B at swarm speed, V, to settle a new hive. Swarm A wants to start another journey when swarm B's time equals N ticks.

    Now swarm A's time keeper bee needs an equation to determine when swarm B's time equals N ticks.

    I wonder if this equation would resemble the transformations that help us determine relative things. :smile:

    Just curious.

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    This sounds like a very convoluted situation involving time dilation, which is quite simple.

    - Warren
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    I was trying to think of a simple situation from which one could develop a Lorentz-like transformation for time dilation. This one should come pretty close :smile:

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