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Beef vs chicken

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    i heard beef is extremely bad for your heatlh unlike chicken, similar to eating wood. eating it everyday is equivalent to eating ramen everyday. is that true?
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    What the hell is 'ramen'? :confused:
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    Think cup o noodle.
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    Eating large quantities of red meat can be bad for you but not as you seem to be describing. You do get nuitrients, fats, and such that you need from red meat unlike if you were to eat wood or ramen as you mention. The only source of this idea I can think of is that red meat takes a very long time to fully digest and so someone may have come to the conclusion that if it just sits in your bowels it must not be doing much for you.
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    Not from the cow's point of view. Say, you're not the president of Chick-fil-A are you?
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    Chickens are evil

    http://www.buzzle.com/articles/improperly-cooked-chicken-cause-severe-illness-death.html [Broken]

    Give me a pink juicy steak any day.
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    Chickens contain too much arsenic. Here's your stake.

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    I eat A LOT of chicken. Maybe two breasts a day. I love a great streak, but most low cuts of beef and anything ground makes me stomach sick.
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    I like breasts, who else here likes breasts?
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    Mmmmm flame grilled :smile:
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    That steak is WAY too done!
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    Chicken is lower in cholesterol than beef.
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    Damn! You beat me to it. :grumpy:
    We eat a lot of chicken and fish, probably more than red meat, but I still have to snag some beef when I have a chance. (W has cholesterol problems, so my diet is partially regulated by hers.)
    As I've said before, the perfect fast food consists of a chainsaw and a cow--fire is optional.
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    Steak :pukes:

    Give me dark chicken any day of the week. So good.
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    I even made a poll about it, but Evo changed the title on me...
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