Been away a while. Miss anything?

  1. Hi all,

    I took a little time of from these fora after my graduation. Now that I have pretty much settled in my new life as a PhD student and TA I'm ready to stalk these boards once more.

    So, did I miss anything important these last few months?
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  3. Astronuc

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    A few birthdays, but other than that, just the usual stuff.

    Your just in time to give your views on what women/girls want, and other related problems. :biggrin:
  4. Indeed, I can relate to the problem :grumpy:
  5. Moonbear

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    In other words, nothing has changed around here. :rofl:

    There have been a few threads about experiences as and advice for new TAs, so those might be relevant if you're interested in tips or sympathy from others also just starting out as TAs this year.
  6. Astronuc

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    There have been some staff changes. jtbell and berkeman have ascended to Mentorhood, and enigma, hypnagogue and dduardo have taken time off for real life matters.
  7. wolram

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    I am sure i noted that some one got married another six or seven times.
  8. BobG

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    Evidently, Ivan got crabs (I'm afraid to open that thread).
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