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Homework Help: Beetroot, pigment and temperature

  1. Nov 11, 2006 #1
    Problem: How does temperature change the rate of release pigment from beetroot cells.

    My questions:
    The temp will (or wont, depends on temp really) destroy the beetroot's cells and vacuoles membranes. The pigment starts diffusing. How long do you recon, to get half the pigment from damaged cells? (Half, cant be more because of concentration gradient, or am i mistaken?)

    once ill take out the tubes with beetroots from waterbaths, how do I stop the damage from continuing?
    (I mean, once the water in a tube is about 80 deg. Celsius, the damage is going to take place after taking the tubes out of water baths => it stops being a fair test).
    One way is to cool the tubes under running tap water, just to minimalise the error. Any other ideas?

    Regards ;)
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