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Beginner astronomer - need help getting started

  1. Aug 8, 2011 #1
    Dear admin, please could you move this post to somewhere else if needed/not appropriate as this is my first post.

    Currently working in IT, always had a thing for astronomy when i was younger but recently interest in the subject agani buying many DVDs (universe history, bbc series, cosmos by carl sagan).

    I want to dive in further with regards to maths/physics etc, but just for my own fun and not aiming to get a degree.

    Looking up the astronomy distance learning course i found two books, are they good enough intro books for me/pretty easy to follow without too much math knowledge? Universe 9th edition and foundation of modern cosmology.

    I read you need calculus for a large part of the study, i thought calculus was some hocus pocus but it seems it's just differentiating and integrals, correct? I did A level on high school which is the highest level here in Europe for high school, and i did differentials/integrals.

    I also did trigonometry and algebra as well i believe. Physics as well but i think i forgotten most concepts.

    I would just like to start with two above books (unless you guys have other recommendations) and video lectures (low on cash atm) to brush up my maths. What is the most suitable type of math / physics which i can learn from video lectures for me at this moment? Video learning is preferred so i can read an hour each day and follow a math/physics lecture. I want to see a concept, then explained in practice and that i can do it myself directly after for better comprehension. Reading too much in books is less effective for me than practical stuff and learned from a video i somehow retain this better.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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