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Beginner Books

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    My apologies if this has been asked before...

    I am looking for some beginner/novice level books that would both show the fundamental theories and also some example circuits to go along with the theory. Could anyone suggest a few titles that would actually be worth reading and using a reference tool?

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    Depends on what theories you want to study. I have found "Art of Electronics" and "Electronic principles" by Malvino both to be good books. Also for electromechanical circuits i like "Electric machinery fundamentals" by chapman. Hope that answers the question.
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    Hughes Electrical and Electronic Technology, it's the key text book for the first couple of years of my electrical and electronic engineering degree
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    Are there any good books on EE in general that are not like textbooks?
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    Malvino Electronics Principles is as good as it gets. I studied on my own with no instructor. That's the first book I studied and I used the stuff I learned in designs for years since. It is not difficult to read, not much difficult formulas, clear explanation. You don't get better than this one. It explains in English, not in formulas.
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