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Beginner needs advice

  1. Aug 30, 2010 #1
    hey guys~I am new here.

    Recently I am planning learning the knowlodge about computer security (basically anti-hacker staffs)

    However, I am quite confused about where to start my learning. I am graduated mechanical engineering student which means my computer science knowlodge is quite limited~~So I really need some advices to help me figure out where I should start?

    Many thanks :D
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    This is actually a major at Universities and this is not a minor career move. From the Fed to businesses this actually sorftof being taken seriously.

    There are alot of self-proclaimed consulting firms, and they have silly programs that show reports of port usage. But that is really part of the field. And it is not really how you access the risk. Any virus program does that.

    There are two sides to this, the security professionals ( CISSP), and software engineering side.

    The security pro thing requires some core knowledge. You should start by getting network certifications. That is were you should start, security is all about networks and operating systems, oh and common sense.
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    thx for the advices :D
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