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Beginner needs the info

  1. Nov 4, 2006 #1
    hello to brainiacs everywhere,

    i posted a few questions last year but only received replies which
    pointed out my ignorance. this fully acknowledged, i would still like a
    few answers to my inquiries on liberties being taken with content taught
    at schools at every level. will use two examples:
    1) i asked how it is that the the celestial rod (my stage name), the
    rigid rod extended out away from gravitational bodies would not move at
    both ends when tugged upon. my earlier typical example was a 1 a.u.
    length rod which might transmit motion from one end to the other faster
    than a radio signal traversing the same distance. i know this has been
    discussed elsewhere but i have never been able to learn what the
    experimental basis is for rejection of this notion.
    2) the 2nd and final thing i'll mention is the idea of the Big Bang.
    this hypothesis is being taught in science texts as established fact, or
    at least as a solid theory. in fact, the notion does not meet the tests
    for establishing a theory. as a non-scientist, i approach the problem
    from the viewpoint of logical argument and my own feelings about
    statistical liklihood. so my question to Big Bang proponents: how likely
    is it that a race barely emerged from the trees and caves has so soon
    come upon the origins and extent of the universe?

    ~excuse the cross-posting
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