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Beginner Question/Prank

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    Hey all, I'm relatively new to the field of electronic as a hobby, but am looking to become proficient in learning how complex circuitry controls much of the technology we use in daily life. I saw a prank from make magazine where one files down one of the axis controllers on a mouse and puts in a pager motor to keep the mouse locked to one side of the screen. I would like to improve upon this idea, and create a gag mouse-prank box. I plan on using a usb ball mouse, with the pager motors on each actuator, controlled (hopefully) by a AAA battery. I'm looking to create/purchase some type of circuit that can control/switch the polarities on the pager motors and the battery to effectively switch what direction the mouse moves at small interval times (.5 to 5 seconds, 'randomly', if possible). What type of circuitry would I be looking at, assuming this is possible, and would i need to fabricate this from parts, or does someone know of something i could pre-purchase? If i do need to make it, is there a place i can find wiring diagrams? Any help would be appreciated, and if i can provide any information to make this easier i will do my best to do so. sorry for the wall of text.
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