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Beginner Robotics

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    I want to get in to robotics but I don't know where to start. Is there a book I should buy or some kits that i should start with that aren't too expensive. If there are any suggestions on how I could turn this into my hobby please post :)
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    I thought a good website was societyofrobots.com . He has a ton of tutorials including a how to build an autonomous robot for $50.
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    Robotics a great hobby that will teach you an incredible amount of skills and knowledge. If you are rather new to electronics and building things in general I would start with a simple kit like the BOE Bot from Parallax.

    http://www.parallax.com/tabid/411/Default.aspx [Broken]

    www.sparkfun.com has a lot of good tutorials for beginners to such as programming AVRs and introductions to bluetooth.

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    And start reading about Microcontrollers. That will help you a lot in robotics and is quite essential.
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    get in touch with someone who knows the stuff.

    Do you have any society around? any contests? they can be really helpful when starting
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