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Beginners books on number theory?

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    I want to venture into number theory and I was hoping to get some book recommendation from you guys. Which books do you think best describes and has examples on number theory for a beginner?
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    I would recomend Number Theory by George E. Andrews. It's great for a general introduction. While there aren't *that* many examples, there are hints and solutions to selected exercises. Additionally, at around $20CDN, if you find the book doesn't suite your needs, at least you didn't break the bank.
    Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen is a very broad introduction to number theory. The book covers many topics and has alot of examples. Perhaps even more importantly, it's written in a clear and sophisticated manner, and is well suited for both beginners and enthusiasts.
    Hope this helps!
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    texts on number theory

    Maybe start with online articles on number theory rather than books?

    Most textbooks on number theory are a bit unsatisfactory, since most of the classic problems that have been solved were solved by creating or importing chunks of new maths [abstract algebra, galois theory, statistical tracking of prime frequency...] into number theory.

    So number-theory books usually give me the feeling of being a hasty overview of big topics pulled together, bundled together with the still-unsolved classic problems which those big topics have to-date failed to unlock. A bit of a mish-mash of rather difficult maths and a clump of questions the maths hasn't sorted out yet. At least to me....

    Perhaps more worthwhile to just dig straight into a single specific pure-maths topic, like algebra or analysis.

    Just a suggestion.

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