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Beginners to intermediate book on physics

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    Can someone recommend me a beginners to intermediate book on physics,
    the book or books should cover the standard subjects: motion, kinematics ,the study of waves(full spectrum, light, forces,...).

    I'm doing my first year of computer science and always had physics in dutch, now that we have physics in english at university I wanted a book to review my physics in english. I've searched @ amazon but just found a lot of "applied" physics books and not many books that covered the (standard) above subjects.

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    At first it should be clear what you understand by "standard". All classical physics is standard. I suppose that it is about mechanics, waves, and basis electromagnetism. You seem to specify books in english. In this case I would recommend the Feynman physics lectures.
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    I would also recommend taking a look at the Physics Napster post, it has lots of free resources, and two textbooks, that I know of.
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    The book i learned physics with is called "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" by Serway. It's available on amazon, but if you want to take a look, university libraries probably have it.

    Hope this will help
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    Probably not at the library, I think the library at my school anyway has a secret policy not to have any of the same books that the book store has so that you can't try to find a way to get out of actually buying the books!
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