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Behavior in Families

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    I was separated from my extended family for many years. When I returned, I noticed similarities among the members' behavior.

    My mother and first cousin possess similar beliefs in health, and a general similarity in personality.

    My second cousin possesses the same sleeping patterns that I possessed at age 11.

    Another second cousin possesses similar physical features and an extremely similar personality to me.

    How are behaviors passed to human spawns?
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    It proabably has to do with the genes regulating emotional control centers.

    As far as sleep patterns.. those have a a lot to do with daily fluctuations in hormone patterns.

    You behaviors are similar.. because all those factors controlling behavior.. are at their root genetically controlled. Also keep in mind that our personalities are pretty much developed by ages 3-5. Soooo.. the environmental factors making you who you are. were established well before you were separated from your family.
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    Though, with the case of my "another second cousin", we never interacted. I have been separated from my extended family since I was 5 or 6, and I am 19 now. The cousin is 7 or 8. We differ greatly from the family also.

    What seems to exist is a series of behavior groups. Specific humans within the family may be classified under one group. My cousin and myself may be classified in a rare group.

    If corruption exists in the fluctuation of hormone patterns, could this cause be produced by genetics?
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