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Behaviour of an expression

  1. Apr 22, 2012 #1
    I have an expression with piecewise functions. the code looks like:

    Code (Text):
    function a()
      %some constants here

        f = 0:0.001:20;
        r1 = 0.05;
        p = something-f.*(something/something);
        for i=1:100
            r1= R(p);
        for i=1:100
            r1 = R(P);
            y1(k,:) = r1;
        set(gca,'xlim',[0 20]);

        %piecewise functions here
        function r = R(P)
            r = NaN(size(P));
            r(P<=0) = sqrt((somthing)*(1-P(P<=0)/something).^-2);
            r(P>0) = sqrt((somthing)-(somthing)*(1-P(P>0)/somthing).^-5);

    My friend said the behaviour will be like the logistic map. but after printing, I found it just looks like a curve.

    Did I make any mistakes in the code? Please help me

    Kind Regards
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