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Behaviour of ionized air when subjected to an electromagnetic field

  1. Aug 28, 2009 #1
    Hello, my name is James Dallas and am new to this forum. I am a first year electromechanical engineering student in Ontario, Canada.

    While looking through the net I ran across this thread.


    rather than necro post I thought I would just start a new thread.

    I've been reading up on Electrohydrodynamic wind lifters and their general operational theory. From what I understand a high voltage current is run through a thin wire which ionizes a cloud of air. Below the wire is a sheet of aluminum that is positively charged which attracts the ionized air and therefore creates thrust.

    The idea in my head comes from MagLev trains. they use oscillating electromagnets to drive the drain forward at high speeds and great efficiency, so my question is, can the same concept be applied to ionized air. A cone of insulated wires could be oscillated in such a way to accelerate them out the end creating thrust.

    Could such a mechanism be an efficient method of propulsion?

    Just a idea, if anyone could expand on it I would appreciate it.
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