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Behaviour of smoke under pressure

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    A 1 liter glass jar contains enough fuel to create 10 liters of smoke. This amount is known and irrelevant to the problem and is located at the bottom of the jar.

    A pump is attached to the top of the jar. A valve is also in place on the top. The jar is closed and pumped until 10 atms is reached. The base of the jar is then heated to create a smoke from the fuel source inside the jar and the valve is opened enough to release the pressurized air at a rate equal to the creation of smoke.

    As the smoke is created how would it behave?
    Would it be forced to the bottom of the jar or would it rise from the bottom and mix with the pressurized air and escape through the valve indiscriminately? Would the smoke keep true to it's behavior under normal atmospheric conditions and force the air out of the jar?
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