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Beijing's penis emporium

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Honey, PLEASE don't play with your food.
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    It's all relative, really. I'm a vegetarian, and, trust me, I find what the rest of you savages (meant most endearingly, I assure you) eat digusting too. :biggrin:
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    I watched CNN's Planet in Peril a couple of days ago and they have all sorts of interesting things there, tiger penis etc. :yuck:
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    It's all marketing. People go for exotic things (i.e. crap, mostly).
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    You got that right. In Japan they eat whale meat. Don't waste your time. It tastes no different from condor or spotted owl.
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    Japan and China serve up penis (penises, peni, penes, ??)---and we have:

    http://jamesrwinter.typepad.com/northcoast_exile/images/smilin_bob.jpg [Broken]

    Re--member: You're not a man, if you can't!!!----so if you want to be like Bob.....
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    Ivan Seeking

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    That's where I first saw it. Then, on The Daily Show, John Stewart mentioned that Sanjay Cupta's "four penis platter" is a big hit at parties. :rofl:

    While in high school, I worked in a very good steak house [Basque style cooking] that had big ole cow tongues hanging in the fridge. As bad as it looked hanging there, the meat was in fact most excellent. It was like the most delicate and flavorful roast beef that you ever tasted. Also, the best tacos that I ever had were made with tripe, which is made from the stomach lining of a cow. Mexican Chorizo [in this case made from lymph nodes and salivary glands] is another favorite. But I don't know if I would try tiger penis...
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