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Being a Math Major in a nutshell

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    I'm a math major, in my senior year, and periodically, in conversation with someone they would try and ask me what I do as a math major, and i've not really been able to give an answer that someone that isn't a math major understands. But after spending a lot of time spinning my wheels on a proof, I came up with what its like to be a math major, to me.

    Being a math major, is spending 3 hours banging your head(figuratively and literally) on a table trying to reconcile an equality, only to find that the minus sign screwing you up is an eyelash or an imperfection on the paper or a spec on your glasses. And the exercise turns out to be trivial.
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    I feel like this could be turned into a Facebook meme :D
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    Might be too wordy for a meme, but I'd be amused by one
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