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Being cold and being coherent

  1. Mar 5, 2005 #1
    Hi. I recently went paintballing in muddy and snowy conditions (at the same time).

    I found a really curious thing happened to me. My words would get stuck in my mouth more often, I'd make pronuciation errors and I'd generally mess up words.

    For example, when I wanted to say:
    "Let's go!" I'd end up saying "Let gos!"

    Or if I wanted to say:
    "I think I shot that guy", I'd say "I guy shot"

    The words would just come out that way. What was going on? Mild hypothermia?
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    Thats is what I would say. Mild hypothermia will cause you to slurr words together...similar to being drunk.

    Were you wearing a full mask? I know some people dont wear masks with full face coerage. If not then it might be that the cold got to your lips and just numbed them so much that your words came out wrong.
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