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Being inside the picture.

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    It's an abstract thought which I'm trying to convey here...

    ****Please bear with the Bad English....but the Idea is really abstract I just couldn't help being lost************

    All inquiry...(philosophy, astrology, cosmology, physics...everything) and the quest to understand the world...

    And all actions taken to find The Answer...

    Everything that we can perceive is only through being inside the picture...

    We are a part of the whole...so if you are asking a question...even that question has come out of the whole ...the picture....

    so whatever you perceive through all means...

    can never be the whole truth...It's just what you can see staying inside the picture....

    Only an outside entity can see what's there (or here rather)....

    So if I say all those inquiries are also a result of the design of the picture...and if YOU actually believe you are a seperate entity (besides just a pixel in a picture...)

    1.) then either you are being played into huge game...(by being stopped from seeing the reality)

    2.) or your belief of being a separate entity is wrong

    I personally support the 1st argument....why? because if that wouldn't have been the case...there wouldn't have been this question of (what is real...? How do you define real...?)

    So the question is an anomaly (as said in MATRIX and the 'ONE') which few of us in this forum understand...and rest just miss the point and argue logically...(but again they only see from within the picture...)

    You definitely can't get out of the picture and see what's in here...but if there's a question ...there has to be an answer to this...

    That 'ONE' is not an entity but that question that makes you the ONE.

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    The special and general relativity equations isolate a point of view. Namely the observer from the observed. Existence is based on this distinction.

    The turtle must know his limitations. But by knowing the rabbit's limitations also, the turtle can beat the rabbit.

    Zeno's paradox is one of the observer's limitations. The runner is not so limited in his dash to the finish line.

    Be the runner with the knowledge of the observer.
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