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I believe the movie Being John Malkovich was a social commentary on the voyeuristic aspects associated with internet. Here we sit, talking to each through our computers, masked by the profiles we provide each other with. How much of what we write is 100% true? Do we exagerate, elaborate, overblemish the stories we tell each other? Do we make ourselves seem to be the heros we really wish we were? Are we living vicariously through our internet personas?

The movie Being John Malkovich showed us an extended metaphor of what we are really doing to ourselves. Webcams, instant messangers, and public forums... are they really helping us interact... or are discouraging us from being real?



Mad Scientist
Having faith in the lack of imagination of the majority, I reckon that the internet and forms of communication may mask our identity in some ways, but it allows the development and exposure of our personality in others. Even when living and being a lie, the lie must come from somewhere, and must change you. Talking cannot be a bad thing - if we dream, we dream together?

Alternatively, Zero could be GWB in disguise, Alexander could be the Pope, Tom could be Saddam...
Hey, I actually am Mr. Robin Parsons, no it's true!, I am him, I' tellin ya, it is the truth, my mom gave me my username, it's true I'm telling ya!!!!!!!!!! I'm NOT lieing!! I'm NOT!! really really really really really the truth!!!

(but none of you can prove it, so....)

(please pardon my <sorta sick> sense of humor....ok?)

EDIT actually I sorta lied, cause my Mom gave me the first part of my username, my Dad gave me the last part. (And even that line can be construed as a "partiallity of truth")
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