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Being nice as a consideration

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    How important is "being nice" in the ethical scheme of things?

    In my mind it almost counts as a confusing element that you need to see through to get at the truth (or worth) of an individual.On the other hand ,it can be seen as the final word.

    If we were to discover that Winston Churchill had sold his brother into white slavery to fund his education would that totally eclipse the admiration we might otherwise hold him in ? (or is it "in which we hold him", Winnie?)

    So is it the icing on the cake ,without which , we have to suspect that the individual doesn't really merit our admiration -or a potential cloak of deceit -a Trojan Horse?

    Or is it just a physical/social attribute we just take for the (limited) amount it is worth?
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    "Being nice" is an essential part of the human condition (unless you are employed on Wall Street or DC). We all need a level of cooperation and tolerance if our society is to thrive.

    Some time ago, I told Evo and MIH that I would stay out of Philosophy. Hope I don't get banned.
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    Well I was/am more or less banned (call it constructive banning -overzealous moderation) from
    http://articles.philosophyforums.com/ so I suggest you walk a tight line!
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    Nature is not kind;
    It treats all things impartially.
    The Sage is not kind,
    And treats all people impartially.
    Nature is like a bellows,
    Empty, yet never ceasing its supply.
    The more it moves, the more it yields;
    So the sage draws upon experience
    And cannot be exhausted.
    Lao Tzu

    To a lot of Taoists kindness is merely a social convention that can vary from one culture to the next. Instead they emphasis compassion and noncontention.
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