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Bela Lugosi's dead

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    dracula, Frankenstein monster, the Blair witch, Freddy Krueger, the phantom of the opera, the wolf man, chucky,...
    which terrific cinematographic monster terrifies you most and why?
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    Freddy Krueger is to me the most frightening because he appears when you are asleep and at your most vulnerable. :surprised

    The classiest - Bela Lugosi as Dracula.

    The scariest thing in the entire universe? CLOWNS :surprised :surprised :surprised
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Jaws Sharks are real monsters. This always hit a little close to home on the S. Ca. beaches...esp when they caught a real, ~25 foot great white, just a few miles off shore! When the first movie came out, all summer long the beaches were busy, but hardly anyone was in the water as compared to the norm. For me and a lot of other people apparently, the thought of being eaten alive is about as bad as it gets. I did go in the water but it was never quite as comfortable after that. For quite awhile I about jumped out of my shorts if a fish hit my leg; which was fairly common.

    Otherwise, I would say the space herpes in Space Balls was the scariest. :biggrin:
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    The scariest? Max Shreck in "Nosferatu"
    Dracula incarnate? Christopher Lee
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    Scariest? I'm not sure. Funniest--gotta be Eddie Munster, with his britches and knee-high socks, and the ability to deliver a loopy comment with a straight face. And as far as I know, the actor who played Grandpa Munster is still alive. :cool:
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    im going to have to go with the clowns from "it" also.
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    the funniest would have to be chucky. i was cracking up through out that whole movie. the best is bride of chucky.
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