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Believe me Believe you

  1. Jul 23, 2004 #1
    "why I must believe you, why you must believe me" is what I hear from time to time. So, do you ever wonder why people say that ? I dont know...I actually dont wonder much but why you think I am always wondering.
    You shouldn't believe me because I am actually a liar!

    Oh, i didnt know what to write on, i am bored because I dont know what i should doubt you and your affairs, i am clueless. Honestly. You did make it for me!
    Okay, Are you guys have anything, any feelings similar to mine like that ?
    Am i the only one thats so weird like a going-ga-ga or out-of-mind little homie ? you want me to be a homie or a homestore ? I dont like to go to any HomeStore since i like HomeMac or SeicoMart or any Lawson stations out there, a 7-11 is also fine since I can buy telephone cards to beepbeep or cry with my mom and dad.
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    What does this have to do with Skepticism & Debunking?

    Deniel, you shouldn't be making senseless posts just because you are bored. You are wasting the time of people that come here to find topics to discuss.
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    Isn't it skepticism i am in ?
    I wanted to know what people think because I dont know if they have something similar.

    But okay, it was read yesterday, i am sure, i am sure really sure though i couldnt see how it was read but i feel it in my heart, in my bone, true...

    Can evo delete this thread of mine ?
    Thanks Evo anyway...
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