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Belly fat

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    Sounds to good to be true.

    Dear Belly Fat Sufferer,

    How would you like to melt away as much as 1 inch of stubborn belly fat every 7 days?

    Yes, that's right. Burn off 1 full inch of good-for-nothing belly fat every single week.

    Sound too good to be true? Well, hard as it may be to believe, it absolutely is true. And we'd like to prove it to you at our risk, not yours.

    Here's the deal. New clinical research, published in the world's leading academic journals, is now showing that an extraordinarily rare plant extract first discovered by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago may carry remarkable slimming and health benefits - so much so that one scientist from the University of Missouri has recently called it, "Mother Nature's natural treatment for abdominal fat."
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    Is the "rare plant" called crystal meth?
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    Funny, out of the ONLY 26 publications on that extract indexed in Pub Med, not one of them addresses any of that list of claims.

    But, this is the abstract of one of them:
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    change your username to 'Grindteeth"

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    It's a myth that you can even "target" belly fat. You have to lose weight overall, and the amount of fat stored in your midsection is defined by your genes and overall body fat percentage.
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