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Beloved of nuclear engineers

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    "For now, the risk is that the interim report does not get the attention it deserves. So far it seems to have aroused more interest on a techie website called Physics Forums, beloved of nuclear engineers" http://www.economist.com/node/21542437

    True or false? How could The Economist have verified "beloved of nuclear engineers"?
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    That's not a true or false question. You ask how. My guess is via web (Google, Yahoo, etc.) searches and then making their assessment based on reading certain threads. What thread or threads might they be referring to?
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    They probably called PF Administrator, Astronuc, a nuclear engineer, and asked him.
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    Yeah, I am pretty sure it's that guy with the beard which did it.
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    I don't think they called him (he would have told us), but awesome either way.
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