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Below full time

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    Next quarter I'm taking 2 classes. About 8 quarter units. I need 12 to be full time. Would it look bad to grad schools if I'm not a full time student for one quarter?
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    No, I don't think it'll make a difference to grad schools at all.

    But does going below full-time status affect your financial aid or scholarships (if you have any)?
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    I'm at a community college so its really cheap. I don't need any financial aid. However, I will after I transfer.
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    I don't think a grad school will care. I'm sure there are many former part-time undergrads who went on to graduate studies.

    Remember though, if you're on your parents health insurance plan, that the insurance company WILL care and won't let you stay on your parents plan if your not a full-time student.
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