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Belt load

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    Dear all,

    My objective is to find shaft load in which belt pulley is mounted and load being transmitted via belt.
    In the case of two pulley belt drives ,the load to the pulley mounting shafts calculation can found by getting guidance in almost all text books(T1 &T2 relations). Where in my case 3 as well as 4 pulleys and one single belt transmit the power. Now i need to find each pulley shaft load what is the procedure to be followed?Any belt hand books dealing this?

    Ref.books,ref.materials,sites are welcome

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    Your question isnt very clear. Can you put up a drawing?

    Do you mean a shaft with one pulley getting the power & transferring it to other shafts through other pulleys on the same shaft?
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    For ur clarification fig is attached.

    Thank u

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    Sorry, the question still isn't very clear to me.

    I assume you are trying to calculate the forces in the belt. You can calculate it using simple mechanics

    [tex]^{F}1[/tex]-[tex]^{F}2[/tex] = [tex]\frac{T}{r}[/tex]


    Duh, sorry cant get the latex going:mad:

    Anyways, there are 3 pulleys, so three unknown forces & three equations to solve. Good luck.:smile:
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