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News Ben Bernanke in Europe

  1. Mar 14, 2008 #1
    Following chemisttree's recommendation, here's the Bernanke thread:

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080311/bs_nm/usa_fed_liquidity_dc [Broken]

    So in other words, all week Americans read about insignificant details about a politician's personal life on their front pages. Meanwhile, a Bush appointee from the mighty Federal Reserve is in Europe begging other central banks to protect the US from market forces! What does everyone think of that? Isn't the US hampered by too much government? :rolleyes:
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    Well, there are many people in the US like me who have been paying attention to Iraq and the economy, as is evident by our posts in other threads. I do have a set of posts on Iraq awaiting my attention, but I'm on the other side of country for a week, and I won't be able to post them until I return home.

    The number of US soliders killed is approaching 4000, and the number of wounded is over 24,000.

    The US is very likely in a recession, and Bush even made the stupid comment that his administration anticipated the problem - hence the $150 billion 'stimulus' package, which is too little too late given the magnitude writeoffs and defaults. The Boston Fed apparently determined that 60% of those (presumably in its region) qualified for better, lower interest loans. So we should expect some criminal investigations.

    Bernacke and Paulson are slowly admitting how bad things are.
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    I can't believe there are people dying in Tibet under the Chinese boot and all people read about is the value of their houses.
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    Is that your way of saying the US government is full of hypocrites?
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    js is sarcastically making the point that most folks are dealing with the own everyday personal issues, and thus usually focus on what affects them directly, such as the economy, the value of their home (if they happen to own a home, or rather a mortgage), any scandal affecting political leadership, . . . .

    I've had people tell me that they watch news (infotainment) as a diversion, i.e. in order to get their mind off their own trouble. One former girlfriend told me she watched soap operas and tabloid TV because her problems then didn't seem as bad as compared to those other stories - and she had some significant personal challenges to deal with.

    Nevertheless, there are plenty of Americans who have a world view, and are keenly interested in the international or global affairs.
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    Yes, and not just the government either.
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