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Benchmarks of TI-89/92+/200 vs HP49G+

  1. Nov 10, 2005 #1
    I came across a website that ran some benchmarks of the TI89/92+/200 vs the HP49G+.


    I was looking for one of these for a while now because I overclocked my TI-89. I was curious exactly how much faster it was running. I compared a few of my times to the TI used in the benchmarks -- mines runnning about twice as fast! :biggrin:
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    ppft! TI-89!

    I got a TI-89 Titanium :approve:

    I don't have adobe reader :frown:
  4. Nov 10, 2005 #3
    In the past two years, I've used a TI-83 Plus, an 86, an 89 Titanium, and now I just have a regular old 89.

    The 83 was ok, but mine died from being soaked. I then got an 86 but that was a piece of garbage, so I sold it on eBay. I got an 89 Titanium from Amazon.com and used it for several months, but I felt that I paid so much for extra memory that I'd never use up, so I again sold that on eBay and bought a regular 89 right before. It's my favorite one so far; it's basically the same as the Titanium but has less memory (but still a lot more than I'll ever need).

    By the way, don't "ppft" my 89, yomamma! :P
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