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Homework Help: Bending moments and torsion

  1. Dec 29, 2009 #1
    for the folowing beam made up of a top half where E=210Gpa and a bottom part where E=70Gpa a=0.2m t=0.024m, b=0.04m

    i am asked a few different things

    a)to find the shear forces and bending moment arrays in the beam

    b)plot the normal stress as a function of the moment,

    how do i do this? surely the normal stress is a function of Y, otherwise i would just use "sigma=-y*M/I" i have already found I so assuming i found the correct I i would just have a linear graph with a slant of -y/I
    is this correct?? is this a common thing to be asked, i have only ever seen sigma plotted against y ???

    c) given that P=1KN, find the shear flow at points a,b ??
    is shear flow not only for torsion?? is there torsion in this problem if the forces P are applied at the center of the top of the bar-pure bending-?? is this a trick question??

    d) will the size of the shear strain at these points a,b change if the bar is turned upside down??
    again, are there shear strains in pure bending? i think not??
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