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Bending of light?

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    Are there other observations for the bending of light apart from Eddington 1919...i want to know that whether bending of light is observed by other astronomers other than Eddington since this is a vital proof of general relativity...
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    I think I saw once a Hubble telescope pic of the gravitational lens effect that resulted in a double image of something or another. Maybe someone knows what I am refering to.
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    There have been a number of such observations since 1919 including, as Helios says, observations of "gravitational lensing" of stars.
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    See here
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    Thank you..
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    If light ( photons ) can be bent in their path , Is it possible for light to be bent into and orbit about a very massive object?
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    Yes. Such an orbit resides on what is known as the photon sphere.

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    photon sphere.

    ah ...it helps so much to know what something is called. Now I can read up on the topic.

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