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Bending of light?

  1. Jan 7, 2015 #1
    Hi , so , i am not asking this question for invisibility or anything like that, but i do have a few questions. First off, i know that photons have no charge, but is there any way that electro magnetic pulses can effect their path when the copper coils that make the electro magnet are at very high energies. also, is there any effect on the path of a photon when there is a giant amount of energy in an object. and also with this, is there any way to spiral the light around an excellerating object? i know this next part sort of goes into the section of quantum physics, but with a quantum hole ( micro black hole ) can one be used to bend light ? thanks!
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    Nope. An EMP is simply a large burst of EM radiation. So you'd have two (or more) EM waves passing through each other, neither of which will affect the other.

    Energy creates gravity, so adding energy to an object, by whatever means, will increase its gravitational pull, which will affect photons and bend their path. You don't even need a giant amount of energy to do this. A little bit will bend light's path slightly, just not enough to be noticeable without very precise measuring instruments.

    I don't know of any way to spiral light around an accelerating object.

    Assuming light passes close to it before it evaporates, sure.
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    Thank you !
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