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Bending of Tubes

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    so when i use english units to calc bending so i use Feet for all dimensions?
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    Perhaps you could elaborate a little?

    Bending tubes should work just fine in any measuring system.
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    well, if i use english system (feet, psi, etc) i suspect i have to stay in those units for all variables in bending equation. if my tube is 1x1x0.125 inch then i convert that to feet?? so 1/12 x 1/12 x 1/96 ?? i am comparing steel tube to doug fir 2x8 for deflection of uniform load W across length(L) 7ft where W=1000lbs. i have section and young's modulus of each material, etc. my application is a roof truss but looking to use steel tube instead of 2x8 wood, its a 12ft x 12ft gazebo roof with approx 18 degree pitch.
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