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Bending of two Square beams and side plates in contact

  1. Nov 9, 2011 #1
    hello all
    I have this problem to solve in ansys workbench 13 (Im new to this software): two paralel 5000mm length square beams in contact 200x80x8 (EN10219: structural hollow sections ) in frictionless contact and on the sides two side plates. At the ends I have two suports and I have on top an aplied pressure of 0.75 Mpa (hand computed bending stress should be top/bottom 219.62 Mpa, bending moment=172500Nm)
    Can anyone help me on how to aproach this problem?

    I have used contacts as follows:
    - beam / beam : No separation
    - beam/sideplate and all other contacts: bonded
    - one suport is cilindrical suport (tangential degree of freedom free)
    - the other support is compression only
    - all are augmented lagrange formulation
    Regarding the mesh I have putted contact sizing forr al contacts:50mm
    No substeps : 100
    I have used large deflection on but it cant converge

    Thank you in advance

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