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Bending stress in pipe_2d

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    Dear All,

    Please see the picture. I need to find the bending stress for that profile.

    Its hollow tube dia= 38 mm, 4 mm thick. its is acted with udl of 500 N/m2 on its outer surface.
    How can I estimate the bending stress, deformation. Assume it as mild steel with E = 200 Gpa, poission ratio = 0.3.

    I am trying to validate this with FEA in 3d.
    Kindly share your ideas. Thank you in advance.

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    It's statically indeterminate so you can use a method for those types of problems. Maybe Castigliano's.

    Or, you could get upper and lower bounds by treating the bends as rigid and pin-jointed. Then it's an easy simply supported beam problem.
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